May Day 2024 celebrated under the theme Finding Strength through Unity

Brothers and Sisters,In our nation Dominica and elsewhere in the world, May Day is observed and celebrated. As we celebrate May Day 2024, under the theme “Finding Strength through Unity”, may I again, remind everyone of you/us, the purpose for which we are all celebrating this “holiday” called “May Day.”

Workers, let us not simply observe, celebrate, and enjoy this day as just another holiday, but let us be reminded that five (5) men were hanged, in Chicago, in May 1886, for the forty (40) hours of work that we enjoy today. These men displayed and showed the world that there is Strength in unity, which continues today even after their death. Therefore, this special event day, observed and celebrated each year, must be accepted, and enjoyed with all humility and respect for the strength displayed in unity.

As a result – this UNITY was displayed at the most powerful expression of a movement which occurred at the first International Workers Congress in 1889. The determination of the delegates as they worked together to achieve their goals, succeeding in the end, and displaying the power in agreement, and unity. Thus began May Day celebration each year thereafter to present.

This being said, the DAWU looks at our nation Dominica, and would like to send out to each of us an extension of our selves, to become more aware of that foundational truth “finding strength through unity.

Our Nation and our people must unite, in every area of our lives, for ourselves and our country by extension. We are doing well, and we can do even better.

On this May Day 2024, it is indeed, an honour to greet every Worker/Employee in our beautiful island home of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Wherever you are and whatever you may be doing, I trust that this message finds you and your respective families in good physical and mental health, as well as, in the best of spiritual well-being.

DAWU sends out CONGRATULATIONS and GREETINGS to All Workers/Employees across the Commonwealth of Dominica, wishing everyone an enjoyable, happy, but peaceful and incident free WORKERS’ holiday, with family and friends, while keeping uppermost in our minds, the real reason behind the incredibly significant purpose of that holiday that we enjoy today.

May God continue to bless Every one of you and our Nation of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

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