Results of Qualifiers of 2024 National Chess Tournament

The Qualifiers for the 2024 National Chess Championship concluded on Saturday, April 6th with the following 7 players proceeding to the finals:

Larry Thomas, Robert Bridet, Brandon Henry, Nicholas Goldberg, Romel Laudat, Mitchel Davis and Adam St Ville.

Added to these 7 are 3 players who pre-qualified: Nigel Francis (the 2023 National Champion); As well as Jones Murphy and Lyndon Auguiste (who qualified because of their latest official chess rating).

All 10 finalists will do battle in a round robin tournament โ€“ the National finals โ€“ which will take place May 30th to June 6th, 2024. Apart from winning cash prizes and trophies, the top 5 players from the finals will be selected to represent Dominica at the 45th Chess Olympiad in Hungary in September 2024.

The Dominica Chess Federation applauds all players who took on the challenge of participating in this yearโ€™s National Chess tournament so far. By coming forward to compete chess players make it possible for the Federation to fulfill its mandate to showcase and improve chess and chess players on the island.

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