Successful Oral health week debate

The Literary and Debate Society of the Dominica State College in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Wellness & Social Services and Jollys Pharmacy Ltd hosted a friendly debate at the Dominica State College campus.

The topic of the debate was “The Cost of Dental Treatment Is Prohibitive and Adversely Impacts Oral Health Goals for The Dominica Population” moderated by Ms. Trudy Christian Advisor of the society.

From the proposing team, Sasha Maxwell and D’Janoah Dangleben presented their case, highlighting the struggles faced by those with lower incomes in affording essential dental services. They argued that the prohibitive cost of dental treatment directly impedes oral health goals for the Dominican population.

On the opposing side, Romina Joseph and Tyquannda Davis countered with compelling points, acknowledging the multifaceted nature of the issue. They emphasized that while cost is a significant barrier, other factors such as dental anxiety, stigma, and the lack of accessibility to dental health clinics also contribute to the challenges faced by the population.

As the debate unfolded, the students displayed by the exchange of ideas, each team presenting well-researched arguments supported by real-life examples and statistics.

After careful deliberation by the judges -Ms. Gail Sharplis, Mr. Ashley Massicotte, both Dominica State college together with Dr. Cyril Robinson, the proposing team emerged victorious with 639 points, and the opposing team followed closely with 613 points.

Romina Joseph’s eloquent earned her the title of Best Speaker for the opposing team.

Each student received their respective awards courtesy of Sign man Ltd, Jollys Pharmacy and Astaphans and company Ltd- the main sponsors of the event.

Dangleben of the winning team had encouraging words for aspiring debaters, “I would say go ahead and debate because it strengthens your boldness and courage; it allows you to be more upfront in society and being social with others.” she said.

In her vote of thanks, Dr. Evetlyn Durand praised the efforts of all participants in shedding light on a crucial public health campaign. She reiterated the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing the challenges faced by the Dominican population in achieving optimal oral health.

The outcome of the debate serves as a call to action for policymakers and healthcare stakeholders to work towards implementing sustainable solutions that prioritize the oral health needs of all Dominicans, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Oral health week is an annual initiative organized by the Dental Health Services of the Ministry of Health, Wellness & Social Services.  The theme of this year is ‘A Happy mouth, A Happy Body.”

Written by Adelle Pascal

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